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Joschka Moldenhauer (he/him) studied Social Sciences (B.Sc.) and Sociology and Social Research (M.Sc.) at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences at the University of Cologne. Since 2020 he is a research assistant at the Seminar for Cooperative Research at the Chair of Social Policy and Methods of Qualitative Social Research.

Within the framework of the research project "Teilgabe - die bürgerschaftliche, genossenschaftliche und sozialunternehmerische Schaffung und Gestaltung gemeinwohlorientierter Versorgung", which is being carried out in cooperation with the Institute for Ecological Economic Research in Berlin and the University of Hamburg, Joschka Moldenhauer is subjecting the self-image and practical actions of cooperatives to an in-depth analysis in relation to networking and structure-building approaches to shaping the community. A particular focus in the context of providing health-related and social services here is on senior citizens' cooperatives. Following on from the research project, his dissertation project is concerned with the question of whether and how "places of successful cooperation", in particular cooperative pubs and restaurants, can contribute to problem solutions in the field of regional development and local services of general interest.