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Jerome Warren, b. 1986, obtained an Advanced Diploma from the Alabama School of Mathematics and Science in 2005 and subsequently studied Religious and Cultural Studies (B.A.) via New College at the University of Alabama between 2005 and 2010. After completing his studies, he changed disciplines and obtained a B.Sc. in 2015 in economics at the University of Siegen, where he also obtained an M.A.  in Pluralistic Economics with a concentration in political economy.

Research interests

Since completing his Master's degree, Jerome Warren has been working on a research project on the relationship between democracy and the economy, for which he has already undertaken several research trips abroad, for example to Italy and Argentina. Mr. Warren's dissertation deals with three main aspects: firstly, an evolutionary study of democracy as an organizational and decision-making structure. This is based on a historical study of Greek democracies. To this study, Mr. Warren intends to apply aspects of evolutionary game theory, information theory and text/rhetorical analysis.

Second, the project envisages a look at the analytical effects of free wage labor on democracy. In particular, this analysis pursues the thesis that the historical change from an economy based on slave labor to an economy based on free wage labor requires an expansion of democracy into this (the economic) sphere. The subject of this part of the research will be the contemporary cooperative movement. The question will be asked, to what extent the cooperative legal form has advantages over traditional, capital-managed firms with regard to certain social aspects. Above all, indicators such as health, economic (in)equality and sustainability are examined and compared at regional levels.

Ultimately, Jerome Warren deals with questions of “governance”: to what extent existing legislation can encourage or prevent cooperatives from performing their (potential) role as stabilizing institutions. This combined with practical suggestions for improvement. Above all, national constitutions are analyzed and compared with regard to their contribution to creating stable foundations for cooperatives and their trading partners.

Other Memberships and Activities

Jerome Warren is a member of the International Karl Polanyi Society and is involved in several associations and initiatives, e.g. Exploring Economics, the Initiative of Critical Economists in Siegen, the Tax Justice Network, Pluralist Economists, e.V. and others. He is also a trained painter, musician (guitar) and travel photographer. His photos, paintings and writings can also be viewed on his website He lives in Frankfurt am Main.